Erectile Dysfunction
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February 8, 2016
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This is Why Males Don’t Like to Talk about Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Undervalued Problem

ED is a serious disease that is needed to be discussed. We should speak aloud about this, talk to through the media – in order to help men overcome the shameful silence and take on active action to preserve a decent quality of life.

The problem of the erectile dysfunction (ED) is traditionally undervalued in our society. It is believed that it is a private issue, and by no means is a topic for discussion. In fact, the effects of the erectile dysfunction relate to the whole society.

Most notably the men of the developed countries suffer from the ED. Men face with this trouble with increasing frequency, and we are talking about very young people. Unfortunately, the prospects are the following – this process will pick up steam and further: environmental degradation, stress, unhealthy diet and other factors related to the progress conduce on the overall health level decrease and, as a consequence, the reduction of the potency. Doctors suppose that in the coming decades, the problem of the erectile dysfunction may become the pandemic.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the potency for men’s self-esteem, and it gets even more weight in the developed society. The living standards and the life duration increase, and with them the level of expectations from each individual increases also. While in the recent past, a man was ready to content with the bare essentials, the modern hero needs everything and at once; otherwise – disappointment, demotivation, self-esteem drop, loss of interest to life, depression and neurosis.


Unnerving Forecast

Taking into account the fact that more than 40% of men older than 40 years suffer from the erectile dysfunction, it cannot affect the psychological atmosphere of the society as a whole. Thus, the erectile dysfunction becomes a problem of the whole society, affecting not only the older generation, but also young men.

It is expected that by 2025 no less than 322 million of men around all over the world will face this problem, including more than 11.9 million of people in Europe, more than 9.1 million in the North America, and more than 113 million of men in Asia. Moreover, the number of the psychological disorders (check more) which is related to the erectile dysfunction, will increase. There is no algorithm for solving of this problem so far.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the erectile dysfunction is not a direct threat to life, and, many men, who have faced with this problem, do not pay enough attention to its solving. The erectile dysfunction is touchy, “shameful” issue that a man does not like to discuss. Sociologists believe that in fact the statistics of the ED spread is understated greatly, since a huge amount of suffering simply avoids doctors.

Stated another way, a man, which is faced with this problem, comes to the realization that his customary world is crumbling, but it is his personal misfortune. He sustains this shock shrinking into himself, which in its turn leads to the worsening of the erectile dysfunction.

The Erectile Dysfunction Ruins Families

The erectile dysfunction contaminates on the inter-spousal relations. 60% of women had a decrease in the interest to sex when their partners experienced the problems with the erection. Among the ladies whose partners had no problems in this area, the decreased interest in sex noted only 29% of the respondents. This is understandable and even natural: the woman feels that she has lost the confidence of a partner. And as a man hides the true cause of the problem (which has nothing to do with the fact that the partner has lost the sex appeal), it collapses the harmony of relationships, and quarrels and conflicts emerge. The result is sad: more than half of the families, in which the sexual disharmony has aroused, are divorced. Both partners suffer, and the only thing that develops in this situation is the erectile dysfunction.

It is crucial that men understand the importance of the solving of this touchy problem. They have to realize that this is a disease, which is curable. It is enough not to be afraid to ask for help. Conserve your health and virile strength!

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